August 8, 2011

World's Best Board Games v1.0 2011 (Portable)

Release: 3/23/2011 | Developer & Publisher: Cerasus Media | 40 Mb
Genre: Puzzle, Casual

This exclusive sampler brings the best board games in the world to your computer! Here are 17 board games that everybody knows – in a quality never seen before, with stunning 3D graphics, exciting effects, fantastic sound, and artificial intelligence in three levels of difficulty.

You can play Single Player against the computer or with friends and family. It includes Backgammon, Chinese Checkers, Chess, Othello, Checkers/Draughts and many more.


* The most popular, best known board games in the world
* You can play alone, against the computer or with friends
* Either of two views can be selected
* With stunning 3D graphics, exciting effects and fantastic sound
* Three different difficulty levels for many games


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